Frontline Policy Council is the largest pro-family and pro-life organization in the state of Georgia, and its roots stretch back to Focus on the Family. As part of the Family Policy Council movement with state-based and national partners, Frontline is leading the charge in defending families and advancing freedom. Its leadership was the primary force behind Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill in 2019.

To better serve the under-represented conservative business community, Frontline launched the Frontline Conservative Business Alliance. We are currently welcoming like-minded companies and leaders to join this impactful network.


Founding Member - $2,500

    • 5 Year Membership
    • "Next Level" Sponsor Valuation for Galas
    • 2 Signed Kayleigh McEnany books
    • Listing on webpage as "Founding Member,' if desired
    • Custom padfolio
    • All benefits listed below

Organization Member - $300
*Must be Business Owner to register or "beneficiaries" must be Senior Level Executive

    • 3 Year Membership
    • Signed Kayleigh McEnany book
    • Ability to designate 3 "Beneficiaries" for Regular Newsletters and Meetings
    • All benefits listed below

Leader Member - $150
*Must be Senior Level Executive

    • 3 Year Membership
    • Individual admission to Quarterly Meetings
    • Beneficiary of Regular Newsletter

Rising Entreprenuer  - $50
    • Discounted Leader Membership for Business Owners Under Age 30


  • Exclusive access to the Frontline Capitol Team, who will passionately represent your values at the Georgia Capitol. We will facilitate introductions to key policy stakeholders to influence legislation and respond directly to you and your staff with any legislative needs.
  • Invitations to informative and timely Zoom calls and In-person events
  • Visible listing on all newsletters which are circulated twice a month when the Georgia General Assembly is in-session and monthly when out of session
  • Grow your business with like-minded business owners through FCBA’S Referral Network
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Most Georgia small business owners are Conservative and support the Judeo-Christian values that have made our nation safe, free, and prosperous.

Far too often, large out-of-state corporations attempt to speak on behalf of Georgia small business owners and use financial resources and political ties to influence the policy process.

At Frontline Conservative Business Alliance, we exist to provide an alternative voice for Main Street businesses and small business owners of our state.


Our goal is to empower you and like-minded business owners throughout our state! This alliance gives businesses an opportunity to network and support other conservative, faith-minded businesses via connections, quarterly lunch meetings, and more.

This network will be an invaluable resource for you as you seek to grow, be more aware of what’s going on, receive resources, and be a part of a unique community in a world that increasingly attacks entrepreneurs and employers of faith.​


While woke corporations oppose our values, we speak on behalf of Georgia’s conservative business community for life, faith, family, and freedom (see our Issues). The Frontline Capitol team is working under the Gold Dome to advocate for our values–legislative process.

Our team is also there to directly serve you and connect you with your representatives in-person at the Capitol, in your district, or over the phone. We are here to help bring the process to you.


Your membership gives you access to the FCBA regular insider newsletter, quarterly meetings, discounts for events, and more. We also provide you with access to our team, interface you with decision-makers across our state, and provide updates pertinent to your business operations.

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